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Options for reducing lifestyle emissions in Norway

This study analyses how the lifestyles of average Norwegians impact the global climate. It assesses the country’s lifestyle carbon footprint, and how these impacts could be reduced in line with international commitments to limit global warming to well under 2 degrees Celsius (°C), aiming for 1.5°C. In contrast to the official statistics on greenhouse gas emissions, which include emissions only from domestic sources, the footprint perspective includes emissions related to imported goods.

Norges Bank Investment Management voting on Climate Resolutions in 2023

This report examines the oil fund’s voting patterns in 2023 at 19 major company AGMs, finding that, during the first year of its Climate Action Plan the fund is falling short of expectations. Despite its own climate commitments, the fund continues to support key blocking industries (such as fossil fuels) more than its peers, revealing a gap between its stated objectives and actions.