Framtiden i våre hender
Vi jobber for etisk og miljøvennlig forbruk

Support our demand for transparency

We want a new ethics law in Norway which requires large brand names to provide transparency in working conditions. This will make it easier to put pressure on companies that do not produce ethically.

Oslo divests from fossil fuels

Breaking news: Oslo becomes the first capital in the world to divest from fossil fuels!

Apple of Discord

Mobile phone companies have managed to make small masterpieces of technology and entertainment. But they have not succeeded in avoiding scandal and terrible working conditions. The Future in Our Hands has visited one of the cities where iPhone is produced: Shenzhen in China.

Norway invests in controversial Coal, Oil and Gas

Norway’s two most prominent economic participants – The Government Pension Fund Global and Statoil – are investing billions in 14 big carbon projects that will make it impossible to reduce the climate changes in time. In a new investigation, The Future in Our Hands has identified more than 100 oil fund companies that are investing in increased extraction of coal, oil and gas all over the globe.

Only 1% of Cocoa from Poor Countries

Even though sugar, coffee and cocoa are grown in developing countries, Norway imports these products from Europe. While developing countries produce the raw materials, a large share of the profits remains in Europe.

The Pension Fund’s Carbon Bubble

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global has shares in 90 of the world’s 100 largest oil companies listed on stock exchanges and in 67 of the 100 largest coal companies. Altogether NKR 241 billion are invested in companies that own more carbon than what we can use if the world is to fulfil the 2ºC goal. This is shown by a calculation made by The Future in Our Hands.

About Us

  • We think the sustainability of nature and the climate are more important than growth in consumption and the economy of rich countries.
  • We work to make government and business facilitate green and ethical choices.
  • We are committed to the global environment and a globally fair distribution of wealth. We believe the two are inseparably linked, in a way that requires us to work on both subjects in an integrated way.
- Annonse -