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Telefon: 22 03 31 50
E-post: post@framtiden.no
Mariboes gate 8

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Kutt moms på reparasjon og utleie av klær, utstyr og elektronikk!
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Vi jobber for etisk og miljøvennlig forbruk

We make your mobile phone

We work for two dollars an hour

We’re making your life cheaper

Behind your clothes, shoes and phones, dismal working conditions hide. Child labor, slave wages and hazardous working conditions are common.

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  • I don’t want to contribute to degrading working conditions when I shop.
  • I have a right to know if what I buy has been produced in an ethical way.

Our demand

We want a new ethics law in Norway which requires large brand names to provide transparency in working conditions. This will make it easier to put pressure on companies that do not produce ethically.

About the campaign

The large brands’ promotion of cheap goods and profit, means that factories in many Asian countries are being pushed to cut costs. While corporations selling these products in the West are booking profits in the billions, Asian laborers are paying the price with low wages and terrible working conditions. We want workers to have a living wage. Do you want to know if what you buy, has been produced in an ethical way? Sign our petition here.