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Two Deaths at Plant in Chile

Two workers at a Norwegian owned fish farm company died in a working accident in Chile on 1 April 2009.
Artikkelen er mer enn to år gammel. Ting kan ha endret seg.
Two workers at a Norwegian owned fish farm company died in a working accident in Chile on 1 April 2009.

The number of deaths in fish farming in Chile has now reached 63 persons since 2005, according to a Chilean labour organisation. Photo: Marine Harvest.

By Erik Hagen

The two Chilean employees, who worked in maintenance and supervision of an installation that the Norwegian fish farming company Marine Harvest recently closed down, were found dead at work after what may have been carbon monoxide poisoning.

“This is deeply tragic. They have worked for us for 8 and 6 years and were employees we know well,” Jørgen Christiansen at Marine Harvest told Norwatch.

He explained that the two were found unconscious on a feeding raft, which is a small raft with a house, which was anchored out by the netpens.

“They were found on Tuesday morning and brought to a local hospital, but their lives could not be saved. To start with, we have used our resources on the families of the deceased and on the fellow workers who are affected,” Christiansen said.

He stated that they are now collaborating with the police and the navy in the investigation of the case; in addition, they are carrying out their own investigations. The cause of the accident is still not known, but according to Chilean media, it may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

The case became known when Marine Harvest sent out a press release to the Chilean media. 

The two deceased were 34 and 43 years old, respectively.

“The number of deaths in the fish farm industry in Chile has new reached 63 persons since 2005,” Ricardo Casas in the Chilean fish farm labour organisation Fetrainpes told Ecoceanos News .

Moreover, on Monday Marine Harvest reported that they would be closing a plant in Chiloé in southern Chile on demand from the indigenous population in the area. They claim that their ocean areas have been polluted by the Norwegian fish farm industry.