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Vi jobber for en rettferdig verden i økologisk balanse

Fiskearten det fiskes mest av i verden er en næringsbombe. Men den blir til fiske- og dyrefôr, istedet for å havne på tallerkenen til korona- og kriserammede fattige

The world’s top fish species is full of nutrients. Despite this, it ends up as feed for farmed fish and livestock, rather than on Peruvian dinner plates.

At the same time that Ethiopian authorities are using mineral fertiliser as political coercion tactics, Yara has applied to Ethiopian authorities for a license for mining operations and a factory worth billions.
The working conditions are extremely dangerous, the salaries low and the environmental standards minimal. Norwegian shipyards that order hulls in Eastern Europe can both cut costs and take short turns, according to a new Norwatch report.
Two workers at a Norwegian owned fish farm company died in a working accident in Chile on 1 April 2009.
The partly Norwegian-owned cement company Ghacem has several hundred people breathing down its neck. Tempers boiled over after 500 people lost their homes and their mosque last week. The area was cleared to make room for Ghacem’s operations. A demonstration against Ghacem has been warned for this week.
The Norwegian cement corporation Scancem wishes to transfer 3000 Tanzanian farmers by force. On behalf of the company the police has pulled down houses and levelled crops, but the residents refuse to leave their properties. On 25 February the Norwegians and the farmers will meet in the Court of Appeal of Tanzania for the last round in this long-standing conflict.
The indigenous Mapuche population is escalating its struggle against the plans for hydroelectric industry in an important tourist area. SN Power claims it has local support in Chile.
The Norwegian ship owner Jo Tankers receives heavy criticism from the environmental authorities in the Dominican Republic, after chemical spills in one of the country’s harbours. “The company set both the harbour workers and the environment in danger”, said Felipe Ditren, director in the Dominican Ministry of Environment. The company claims not responsible for the incident.
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The Norwegian chemical transporter Jo Tankers have this week decided to implement stronger routines in the
discharging of dangerous chemicals. In the future they will reject discharging caustic soda if the harbour
workers do not wear proper personal protection equipment.
When the small Norwegian company Halaco bought into the Salvadoran garbage management company Mides in 2004, it ended up being scrutinized by the authorities for possible whitewashing of drug money. Now the Norwegians have been cleared of suspicion.
The Ghanian Auditor General strongly criticizes Ghacem, a Norwegian-owned cement company in Ghana. He claims the company has not paid enough taxes and does not answer enquiries.
The strike in the beginning of February at the Norwegian salmon-processing plant in Chile gave the employees even lower wages than previously. “The wage situation was not even discussed”, the union representative in Mainstream told Norwatch.