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The investments by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global in companies in occupied Palestinian areas have increased from 12.7 to 18.1 billion Norwegian kroner in 1 year. Investments in involved Israeli firms alone have increased by 1 billion, from 771 million to 1.7 billion kroner.
Danske Bank has sold its shares in the Israeli firm Africa-Israel Investments which invests in settlements on occupied Palestinian land. It is still not known what the Norwegian government’s pension fund will do with its shares.
The Advisory Council on Ethics of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund and several other socially conscious investors have been deceived. The Ethical Council based its recommendation not to exclude Total from the Pension Fund on reports that are now being slaughtered. According to the organisation EarthRights, Total has deliberately spread misleading information about the conditions in Burma.
Norwegian Ministry of Finances announced today that the Israeli firm Elbit Systems Ltd has been excluded from the Government's pension fund due to its participation in the Israeli separation wall. "Good decision. Ordinary people are suffering from the barrier", Norwegian Church Aid told. 
The British fiduciary BlackRock refutes information from Norwatch that they divested from a West Bank firm after pressure from Norwegian investors. But the company does not wish to precise exactly what they think is wrong in the coverage.
The British bank BlackRock has divested from Lev Leviev settlement projects on West Bank. The divestment follows pressure by three Norwegian banks marketing BlackRock funds. BlackRock was second biggest shareholder in the controversial Israeli firm.
The Norwegian Government Pension Fund has invested almost 20 million euro in the Chinese shipping group COSCO, which owns and operates the bulk carrier Full City, wrecked outside Langesund in Telemark, Norway. The partly state-owned Chinese shipping group is already highly controversial and has for several years been involved in much-disputed arms transport to undemocratic regimes.
Kristin Halvorsen, Minister of Finance, has presented a revised version of the ethical guidelines for the Norwegian Pension Fund: The tobacco producers will be excluded.
Fokus Bank, Storebrand and Skandiabanken have until recently offered their clients funds in which the controversial company Africa-Israel Investments is listed. Storebrand does not know if it is still the case. The UK fund manager is dead quiet.
Norwegian pension money has been invested in an Israeli company that is constructing illegal settlements on the West Bank. Africa-Israel Investments has been turned down by the British Foreign Office, and the British Embassy refuses even to be the company’s tenant in Tel Aviv.

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global experienced enormous losses in 2008, but the investments in tobacco are still increasing at full speed. In one year the tobacco investments have increased by all of 24.6%, from 1.3 billion euros to NOK 1.6 billion. Never before have the tobacco investments been higher.

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global has increased its investments in nine companies that contribute substantially to the climate change: from 1.3 billion to 1.6 billion euros. Investments in Exxon alone have increased from 900 million euros to 1.4 billion euros.