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Telefon: 22 03 31 50
E-post: post@framtiden.no
Økernveien 94, 0579 Oslo

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Who we are

Future in our hands is a Norwegian non-governmental organization promoting ethical and sustainable consumption. Our goal is a socially just world, within the planetary boundaries.


What we work with


Sustainable food
We promote eating less meat and limiting food waste to the benefit of animals, nature, health and mitigation of climate change.

Ethical finance
We scrutinize how banks, companies, and investment funds perform on sustainability and ethics, and how lending policies and investments impact both people and the environment.

Ethical fashion
We work to reduce the environmental and ethical footprint of the fashion industry.

Green lifestyle
We inspire consumers to make ethical and sustainable consumption choices in their everyday lives.

A toxic free life
We are working for stronger regulations and faster phasing out of environmental toxins in consumer products.

How we are organised

Future in our hands is a nonpartisan and secular membership-based democratic organisation, with an annual meeting acting as our supreme body. We are a growing organisation with more than 40 000 members, 31 local chapters and about 30 employees.



Anja Bakken Riise is our Executive Director and Executive Secretary of the Board.

Our local chapters

Our nationwide chapters arrange debates, clothing swaps, repair courses, and many other activities.

Head office

Our head office in Oslo has about 25 employees spread across departments for communication, research, policy, marketing and administration.


Our history

Future in our hands - the people’s movement for a new lifestyle and socially just distribution of earth's resources - was founded at a large gathering at the gymnasium Nadderudhallen in Bærum April 1974. About 3000 people came to listen to speeches from philosopher Arne Næss (our first chairman), politician Trygve Bull, researcher Georg Borgstrøm, and initiator and author Erik Dammann.


Video from the founding gathering in Oslo April 1974.
Copyright: NRK. Use endorsed.

The book "Future in our hands" was published in Norwegian, English, Finnish, Danish and Swedish.

The book Future in our hands by Erik Dammann was published in 1972 and became a foundation for our organisation.

Framtiden i våre henders logo som var i bruk fra organisasjonen ble stiftet og fram til 2005.

The first logo of Future in our hands was retired in 2005 after being used for 30 years.